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Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Experiences in a Business School " The Jhabier Xperience" :)

I am very happy to say that this is my silver jubilee blog and i would like to thank my blog readers for their constant appreciation, support and genuine suggestions. Ther was no other title as close to me as my "XIMB days". I am republishing my "jhabier xperience" as i felt my valentines special overshadowed it somehow :)

So, Where do i start ?? There is so many things to share and i also have to keep my blog readers request of keeping it short :) May be i will write a series of them :D
With my stint in XIMB almost coming to end, i was just relecting back on the 20 months i spent here..
After i got through XIMB, i was very curious to know more about the place where i am going to spend my next 2 yrs.. Alas !! there was no for my help ( Kudos to Mickey for the fantastic site and it has been of great help to the new joinees. it was the lifeline for many during our summers :) also it is a good way for the ximbians to stay connected ). Somehow i got into the yahoogroups of our senior batch and bombarded them with my genuine queries which i would say they answered very kindly.But to my dismay, after reaching here at XIMB campus i became the most sought after person for the seniors. I still remember the calls of my seniors " Where is Anand Jalan, The Kotler " .How do i become Kotler ? Actually i was getting the kotler book at a discount price in Jaipur ( My last year in NIT, jaipur ) so i jst enquired in the yahoogroup :) that whether i buy it or i will be getting it there from the college and secondly somehow i was able to make it to the TOP 20 list of Govinda which was a big achievement.( More than half of the batch got "F" in these quizzes) i hope My batchmates will be remembering it quite well :)
i was ragged thoroughly ( i actually enjoyed it very much ). some of the very intersting ones i remember, i will share with you..the very first day, I was called to a room with around 8 seniors.. the room was quite dark and the seniors were drunk to the top :) they asked me to go to my room and identify their names from the AIS( Academic Information system ) within 10 mins. i remember, i rushed to my room and tried to figure out them and their names..AIS photos are somehow really funny and far from reality :) if u have not checked then do chk it..i could see time running fast, somehow i was able to remember the names but i jumbled them there in front of seniors :P actually 2 of the seniors looked very much similar on AIS :) I was astonished to find out that there are twins in ur senior batch..
so i had to do the exercise again and the time was reduced to 5 mins.. somehow i was able to make it :)
My next experience was a horrible one..Alex and team ( ur seniors) came over to my room at around 2 am ( i was feeling horribly sleepy )and told me that there will be quiz on Kotler chapter 1-6 tommorow morning for you.i remember i had the first night out of my life and the quiz never happened :(
I remember our batch was also fooled by the seniors on the same lines but yes the quiz happened wherein the questions were from another world alltogether :) it was real fun with our seniors..
I was the most called after person in the night assemblings. i hope the junior batch will also appreciate these assemblings. For non-ximb people, in a night assembling, the whole of the junior batch gets asssembled and the seniors rag them in many ways starting from throwing bucket full of water from the top ( getting wet at 1 am in the night that too in a open air set up and they will make sure that you dont dry up ), intoductions( they will always find fault in that) and anything you can think about.I always had the lions share of it whether its laughing on a sine, cos wave or the introductions or the yahoo group issue..
I remember the logic of dev (our senior) that his computer crashed because of the mail i sent on the yahoo group :)
As i sit now and reflect back, i could see that there were many memorable moments i had with my seniors.. i really admire them a lot and they were of great help to me during their stay here and now as well( i m in contact with most of them). i actually miss them many a times.. But this is how life goes..Anyway, I will stop here and will continue from here in my next blog :)
Happy Reading :D


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